Battery 12v 75ah Group Size 24
Battery 12v 75ah Group Size 24

Battery 12v 75ah Group Size 24

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BW 12v 75ah Group Size 24 The Group 24 (75 Ah) 12 volt UB12750...
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BW 12v 75ah Group Size 24

The Group 24 (75 Ah) 12 volt UB12750 AGM scooter battery from Universal Battery is used on many heavy-duty mobility scooters. This is a premium-quality battery designed to meet or exceed all specifications of your original scooter battery. This battery pack handily replaces all group 24 battery packs including 75 Ah, 78 Ah, and 80 Ah capacity batteries.

Alarm panel battery, UPS Backup batteries, electric power system battery, emergency backup power supply, emergency lighting battery, railway signal battery, aircraft signal battery, communication power supply, gate operator battery, equipment battery and solar battery.

The UB12750 replaces any standard 12 volt 75 Ah battery including the following battery models:

  • APX12-75 (ApexBattery)
  • MPL80-12 (BB Battery)
  • M24 SLD G FT (MK Battery
  • PS-12750 (Power-Sonic)
  • SLA75-12FP (Rhino)
  • NP75-12 (Yuasa)

The UB12750 battery comes with a 1-year full replacement warranty.

Why buy replacement scooter and power chair batteries from Battery World
Battery World sells highest-quality batteries at the lowest prices. Our batteries and battery packs use batteries from Universal Power Group (UPG), one of the leading providers of battery and power related products in the United States for over 40 years. All of our battery packs are backed by a one year warranty. Compare our power chair and scooter battery packs to the lower quality batteries sold by our competition and you will easily understand why Battery World is your source for mobility parts and accessories. Tags: 12v 750 ah 12 volt 750 amp. 


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