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Easy Peasy Returns: 

There's no reason to worry about your purchase from  Please review the return policies below and complete the return form and we'll let you know how to send your merchandise back. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs, Returns are paid out 3-7 business days after product has been received. Send inquiries to the form below to get started

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Unopened Merchandise and Opened, As-New Merchandise

Any merchandise for which the original packaging is unopened and batteries never used may be returned to within 14 days if accompanied by a Return Authorization Number. Due to the nature of batteries, we cannot accept used batteries, damaged batteries, tampered with, abused batteries, and or batteries that have been misused resulting in low voltage, and cannot issue a refund. For proper battery use regard the user manual, manufacture guides, or request one from Battery World Online prior to purchase. Return shipping and related costs are the responsibility of the customer. Battery World Online may grant a return label, but returns fees are to be paid by the customer. The purchase price, excluding shipping fees will be refunded and returns may be subject to a 20% restocking fee on special order items, vendor shipments, and products requiring cores. Please consult with us at if you have specific questions about your battery. Products for which the original packaging has been opened may be returned to within 14 days if accompanied by a Return Authorization Number. Opened merchandise must be returned in as-new condition, including the original box and all other original packaging, manuals and accessories. Fees imposed to us by our supplier to replace packaging, hardware, or printed materials will be deducted from the refund amount. Return shipping and related costs are the responsibility of the customer. Batteries that have been used cannot be accepted nor refunded. 

Defective Merchandise - Warranties - Shipping Discrepancies:

For any product purchased from to be determined defective or shipment discrepancy, it must be returned to or the manufacturer and accompanied by a Return Authorization within 7 days of tracking arrival. If your product has been shipped via freight, and is defected, destroyed, lost/stolen, customer must not sign the acceptance of freight or else forfeit all rights to a return. All shipping is an estimated time, and may choose the best shipment option in terms of speed and reliability for your goods. No shipping time is guaranteed while 20 days is generally accepted as a lost good. All refused orders including vendor shipped orders are subject to a loss of original shipping/handling fee. Product warranty begins according to the manufacturer, Battery World Online does not have a unique warranty. is not responsible for return shipping charges before or past the first 30 does not do advance warranties. Batteries in a discharge state must be charged before we can properly test and evaluate.  All warranties are void if the battery is in a deep discharge state, sulfated, or improperly charged and not maintained. Products found to be defective from original workmanship will be replaced or credited, at customer request. Products found to be non-defective, will be returned at customer's expense. Battery World Online does not provide custom warranties and it is up to the discretion of the maker to refund a shipped battery. All warranties are through original manufacter terms and conditions. By purchasing a battery through Battery World a person fully adopts the original manufactuers warranties. 

Merchandise that has been Modified

Any modifications done to any merchandise voids the warranty. All Warranties are by the manufacturer unless specified otherwise. Please adhere to manufacturers guidelines. If it's your first time purchasing the battery or device, please specify that you need warranty guidelines and further details. Small and individual cells such as AA, AAA, 18650, 21700, batteries have a 7 day from delivery warranty. Common Warranty guidelines: Discover Battery Warranty InformationUS Battery Lifeline Warranty Information  ODYSSEY Battery Warranty NOCO: How Do You Submit A Warranty Claim? Noco Address for Claims Optima Full Warranty BLUE SKY:For further information about your battery or flashlight warranty please inquire before purchase:

Proper Battery Maintenance: 


Storing your AGM battery

When you are storing your AGM battery for longer periods, always remember to recharge. Store your battery in a place that has enough ventilation and ensure it is a cool and dry store. Avoid keeping your battery in a discharged state, as this will lead to sulfation. A sulfated battery will not reach 12v and is not a refundable. 

Sulfation prevention

When the sulfuric acid found in the lead-acid batteries react, especially in the negative plate, it will form lead sulfate, which results in sulfation. Sulfation reduces the battery’s ability to hold a charge. Keeping your AGM battery charged during and before storage will help to avoid the process of sulfation. In case sulfation occurs on your AGM battery, use a desulfation charge to reverse the sulfation. You can also use the AGM battery recommended charger to lower the impact of sulfation.

Do not overcharge the AGM battery

Maintaining the performance of your AGM battery demands correct charging. The internal structures of your AGM battery can be damaged due to overcharging. Likewise, the lifespan of your AGM battery can be reduced due to undercharging. To effectively charge your AGM battery, determine what the correct voltage should be, as written in the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid using a traditional petrol generator to charge your AGM battery.

Use the manufacturer’s recommended charger

Every AGM battery has a recommended charger, as per the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s charger ensures the delivery of the recommended voltage to the AGM battery without undercharging nor overcharging. When the wrong charger is used, it can cause sulfation to your AGM battery.

The durability of your AGM battery is highly dependent on storage, charging, and prevention of sulfation. Your AGM battery requires a manufacturer’s recommended charger, which is different for various batteries. To inquire about the AGM battery, their chargers, and the cost, click here for more information.


Shipping Discrepancies

Shipping discrepancies or damages must be reported to within 3 business days of delivery. Failure to report loss/stolen or damage within 3 days of products arival voids warranty and shipment insurances. For packages presumed stolen we recommend filing a police report and emailing us from our for next steps. Battery World does not guarantee the replacement of goods that are lost upon delivery. By purchasing online and having a product shipped or freight LTL to you, you agree to the variable ship times provided by the tracking number and third-party carrier. No exact time can be guaranteed. Denial of freight may result in a 20% restocking fee including shipping, computed [(Product+Freight)x .20]= Restock Fee. Refunds of any kind may take up to 30 days to process. 

Heavy Batteries that Require Freight

All batteries or freight products may be returned if never used within the 14 day return period and best if never accepted by the freight carrier. charges a 20% restocking fee and do to the nature of 3rd party freight cost. LTL freight is nonrefundable. 

Shipments Damaged in Transit

Any item damaged in transit must be reported to within 3 business days of shipment arrival. All original packaging must be held with damaged item. Pictures are required, for lost or stolen merchandise please have any evidence available including local police reports. If a package arrives damaged, please do not accept it. Refunds of any kind may take up to 30 days to process once submitted RMA. 

How to Return Merchandise

Please complete the return form below. If a requested return is within the categories above, our customer service representatives will issue a Return Authorization Number and provide further instructions for returning the product. The Return Authorization Number must be included on the outside of the return package. Please pack the product(s) to be returned tightly and with adequate protection. Be certain to get a tracking number from your shipper so you can monitor your package in transit. is not responsible for returns that are lost or damaged in transit back to us. is not responsible for return shipping charges.

 For Warranty Claims Please use the form below and please include:

1. Order Number / Receipt Number 

2. Battery, charger, or items that are defective

3. Charger used, with the battery, or battery used with charger.

4. Nature of the defect. 


 Warranty Form: 


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