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YTX20L-BS Replacment: IPX20L-BS AGM Motorsport Battery - Battery World
YTX20L-BS Replacment: IPX20L-BS AGM Motorsport Battery - Battery World

YTX20L-BS Replacment: IPX20L-BS AGM Motorsport Battery

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IP Power IPX20L-BS AGM Motorsport Battery ( Locally Activated) ONLINE SALE IP Power IPX20L-BS...
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IP Power IPX20L-BS AGM Motorsport Battery ( Locally Activated)


IP Power IPX20L-BS

SLA Batteries, sometimes referred to as SMF (sealed maintenance free) use gas recombination technology, with this type of technology the battery requires less maintenance and doesn't need to be refilled once activated. SLA batteries are supplied dry pre-charged with a separate acid pack, and they are required to be activated before being used. After activation these IP Power batteries become completely sealed and spill proof making them ideally suited for motorcycles, scooters, ATV's, personal watercraft and snowmobiles.

Sample Compatibility: 

BRP (Can-AM) 1000cc Commander 1000 2011
BRP (Can-AM) 800cc Commander 800 2011
Big Dog All Models All Years
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 400cc Outlander XT, Max (2004-2011)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 500cc Outlander, MAX, Renegade (2007-2011)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 650cc Outlander, MAX (2007-2011)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 660cc Outlander EFI 2006
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 800cc Outlander EFI, Renegade (2006-2011)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 1200cc Grand Touring, GSX, MX Z, GTX (2009-2011)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 300cc Skandic (2009-2011)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 550cc Expedition, Freestyle, Skandic, GSX, GTX, MX Z (All 550cc) (2009-2011)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 600cc Expedition, Freestyle, Skandic, GSX, GTX, Summit, (All 600cc) (2009-2011)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 800cc Freestyle, Renegade, Summit, GSX, MX Z, (2009-2011)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo ZX types (2002-2003)
Bombardier Sea-Doo 1500cc All Models (excluding 4 stroke) (1988-1994)
Buell 1200cc X1 Lightning (1999-2002)
Excelsior-Henderson 1386cc Super X (1999-2000)
Harley Davidson 1200cc XL, XLH (Sportster) (1997-2003)
Harley Davidson 1340cc FLST Series (Touring) (1997-1999)
Harley Davidson 1340cc FXST/FLST Series (Softail) (1991-1996)
Harley Davidson 1450cc FXD Series (Dyna) (1999-2006)
Harley Davidson 1450cc FXST, FLST (Softail) (2000-2006)
Harley Davidson 883cc XL, XLH (Sportster) (1997-2003)
Honda 1000cc CBX1000 Super Sport 1980
Honda 1000cc CBX1000 Super Sport (standard) 1979
Honda 1000cc CBX1000 Super Sport(standard) 1982
Honda 1000cc CBX1000F Super Sport (standard) 1981
Honda 1100cc VF1100S V65 Sabre (1984-1985)
Honda 1235cc AquaTrax F, R -12X, F, R-12 (2002-2009)
Honda 1235cc AquaTrax F-15X, F-15 (2003-2010)
Honda 1800cc GL1800 Gold Wing (2001-2012)
Honda 1800cc NRX1800 Valkyrie Rune (2004-2005)
Honda 1800cc VTX1800C, F, N, R Retro, S (2002-2011)
Honda 650cc FourTrax Rincon TRX (optional cold starter) (2003-2004)
Honda 680cc TRX680 FourTrax Rincon (2006-2011)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000, LTD, CSR (1981-1983)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000-C Police (1980-1981)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000-E ST, Shaft (1979-1980)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000-P Police (1982-2005)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000-R, Replica (1982-1983)
Kawasaki 1000cc ZG1000A Concours (1986-2006)
Kawasaki 1100cc JH1100 ZXi (1996-2003)
Kawasaki 1100cc JH1100-B Ultra 130 (2001-2004)
Kawasaki 1100cc JT1100 STX (1997-2003)
Kawasaki 1100cc KZ1100-A, LTD (1981-1983)
Kawasaki 1100cc KZ1100-B GP (1981-1982)
Kawasaki 1100cc ZX1100-A GPz (1983-1984)
Kawasaki 1200cc JH1200-A Ultra 150 (1999-2005)
Kawasaki 1200cc JT1200-A, B, C STX-R, STX-15F (2002-2007)
Kawasaki 1500cc JT1500-A, STX-15F (2004-2011)
Kawasaki 1500cc JT1500B, C, 250X Ultra LX , 260L, X (2007-2011)
Kawasaki 300cc KLF300-B Bayou (CN) (1992-1999)
Kawasaki 400cc JS400 1976
Kawasaki 440cc JS440 (1977-1986)
Kawasaki 550cc JS550 (1982-1985)
Kawasaki 750cc JH750 ZXi (1995-1997)
Kawasaki 750cc JS750 SXi, SXi Pro (1995-2002)
Kawasaki 750cc JT750 STS, STX (1996-1998)
Kawasaki 800cc JS800 SX-R (2003-2011)
Kawasaki 900cc JH900 ZXi (1995-1997)
Kawasaki 900cc JT900 STS, STX (1997-2005)
Kawasaki KAF620, Mule 3000, 3010, 3020 (2003-2011)
Kawasaki KAF620,Mule 3010 4X4, Advantage Classic (2003-2011)
Kawasaki KAF620F, Mule 4010 4x4 2009
Kymco 500cc MXU500 (2010-2011)
Kymco 500cc UXV500 (2010-2011)
Moto Guzzi 1064cc California Classic, Vintage (2011-2012)
Polaris 500cc Sportsman EFI (2006-2011)
Polaris 550cc Sportsman, X2 (2010-2011)
Polaris 800cc RZR (2008-2011)
Polaris 850cc Sportsman 2010
Polaris FS, FST (2006-2010)
Polaris Turbo Switchback, Turbo Dragon (2006-2010)
Polaris Victory Victory All Models (1998-2012)
Suzuki 620 QUV620F 2005
Triumph 1600cc Thunderbird (2010-2012)
Triumph 2300cc Rocket III (2003-2012)
Yamaha 1000cc RS1000S, GT, RS


Part#: IPX20L-BS

Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.875 x 3.4375 x 6.125

Weight (lbs): 12.9

CCA: 250