Scooter Charger 24v 5a

Scooter Charger 24v 5a

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Scooter Charger 24v 5a


For most travel and mid-size scooters
Standard offboard charging female XLR socket

3 stage fan cooling to prevent overheating
Key Specs
Weight: 3 lbs.
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Overview of the 24V 5A Scooter Battery Charger
The UPG 24V 5A Scooter Battery Charger is ideal most travel and mid-size scooters that have sealed lead acid batteries of 15-50 Amp Hours. This charger has a three stage fan cooling system and will automatically shut off when the battery has reached full charge to prevent the charger from overheating. The UPG 24V 5A charger also has LED displays that indicate when power is present (red power light), when it is currently charging (red power light and red charging light), and when charging is complete (red power light, green charging light).

About this item

  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection / overvoltage protection
  • Polarity reversal
  • Battery size range: 18Ah to 55Ah

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