Huawei Honor 2 Battery BLI-1375-2.3

Huawei Honor 2 Battery BLI-1375-2.3

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Huawei Honor 2 U9508 Hb5R1V 3.8V 2250Mah Li-Ion Battery

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion. Dispose of ethically. USPS bans any international shipments of Lithium-Ion

Battery Chemistries. UPS & FEDEX ban air shipment of these chemistries. Hauwei Honor 2 U9508 Replacement Battery BLI-1375-2.3 Dimensions: Length: 2.23" Width: 2.2" Height: 0.229" Fits and Replaces: HUAWEI HB5R1V HUAWEI HONOR 2 HUAWEI HONOR II HUAWEI U9508

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