Energizer 317 1.55v

Energizer 317 1.55v

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Energizer 317 1.55v

Silver oxide batteries have a high energy density and are primarily used in electronic devices such as watches and car alarm remotes.

1 Battery sold per qty of 1. 


Chemistry: Silver Oxide

Voltage: 1.55V

Amperage: 11.5mAh

Diameter: 0.228346"

Height: 0.0629921"

The Energizer 317 battery is a low drain 1.55 Volt silver oxide button cell battery. The 317, or SR516SW, is a popular silver oxide cell commonly used in Watches, calculators, small electronics, toys, lasers, digital assistants, keyless entry systems, digital thermometers, LED lights, electronic books, pedometers, calorie counters, stop watches, sporting goods & medical devices. Energizer goes beyond the basic battery sizes to bring you the ones you need.

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