48V Golf Cart Battery to Replace them All

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Before you get started we wanted to give you a heads up that your battery is shipped to you discharged and will need to be charged before use. It is ok to test immediately but with any prolonged use the battery will eventually go to sleep mode until charged. For more details see LED and auditory light codes below.


Three Fast Green Blinks - Charging complete, pack is ready to go

Two Green Blinks - Pack is healthy and ready to use, and will charge if connected

One Green Blink - Pack can be discharged, but the onboard Battery Management System is working on resolving an issue before it can charge


  • One Second Tone - Charge is complete 
  • Short single tone every 10 seconds - Pack is getting very low, charge soon 
  • Short single tone every 1 second - Pack is getting critically low, pack will shut down at any moment 
  • 5 Second Tone - Pack has reached critically voltage and will not discharge until it has been charged to safe voltage

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