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iPhone 7 Phone Repair

iPhone 7 Phone Repair

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Apple iPhone 7, a smartphone still running modern but not fully updated iOS. Battery World has iPhone 7 repair services that you can rely on for the longevity of your mobile phone. Battery World provides iPhone 7 battery replacement, and charging port fixes. Unsure what’s happening in your iPhone 7? Let the professionals at Battery World diagnose your phone for free!

The iPhone 7 was released in September 2016. Compared to the iPhone 6 the previous model, the iPhone 7 brings:

  • Longer Lasting Battery Life
  • Display that is 25% brighter
  • Newer and better Camera
  • Sleeker Back Design

 iPhone 7 Spec’s are next level and still hold true to most of today’s power and app standards.  

Is it worth repairing an iPhone 7?


Apple iPhone 7 Screen Repair

Great for calling, texting, maps, and running most apps, the iPhone 7, is still modern and sleek. It’s not unheard of to enter a state of panic if you watch your phone fall to the ground and the screen shatters. However, there’s no need to stress! Battery World has replaced 100’s of iPhone 7 screens! The phone repair technicians at Battery World have replaced screens, LCD’s, charging ports, speakers, mics, and more. Battery World uses only the manufactured OEM parts for all iPhone 7 repairs. If you want a quick iPhone 7 battery replacement, screen replacement, or repair, call your local Battery World today!


Apple iPhone 7 Water Damage

We all know that the iPhone 7 is water resistant, however it is not waterproof. While the iPhone 7 was rated an IP67, Apple admits that over time, the water resistance of the phone may decrease due to bumps, wear, and tear. Additionally, Apple states that liquid damage is not covered under warranty.

If your iPhone 7 takes a fall in water, and isn’t operating properly, do not turn it back on! Please bring it to our trained technicians at Battery World asap! Our phone repair technicians will open your iPhone 7, completely treat the water damage, remove corrosion, flush the device of debris, and replace any rust or damaged hardware. While water damage can be very different for each person, there’s no guarantee of the success after your phone has had electricity through it.  We can state however, most water damaged phones are treated and working again quickly!

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