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Trust the Experienced iPhone 6 Repair Professionals

Need an iPhone 6 screen replacement? Battery World’s free diagnostics and most affordable repair service has your covered. iPhone 6 repairs are fast and long lasting! Battery World only uses manufactured OEM parts. A free lifetime warranty is given with each repair.  Our Apple technicians have worked on over a combined 1,000 iPhone 6’s. Using an iPhone 6 and want to know more about your device? Check these common repairs:

iPhone 6 won’t turn on:

iPhone 6 not turning on? Let’s take a look at what the verdict could be. Battery World has taken in over 1,000 iPhone 6’s and have the experience you want to tackle this repair as budget friendly as possible. Still a great working phone, your phone could just need a new iPhone 6 battery, quickly installed on the spot by professional Apple repair techs. If your iPhone 6 took a fall and isn’t turning on, your LCD may be damage.  Screen not touching? Your digitizer, LCD, or hardware may be out of place, or damaged.  Even without the front glass cracked, your iPhone may not be touching or performing properly. iPhone 6’s are common repairs and we usually tackle this in 20-45minutes.  If your problem is your iPhone 6 not charging we have plenty of on the spot solutions. Many times, customers come in and receive a free charging port cleaning, and like magic, the iPhone charges again.

Cracked iPhone Screen. iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

It hurts a lot to see that beloved phone fall to the ground. Apple didn’t make the iPhone 6 durable enough to survive all of our accidents. Many times, once a phone hits the ground, damage can occur to the LCD or front glass. The iPhone 6 cracked screen should only be a mild nuisance. It’s a quick repair, with little headache.  Battery World’s technicians provide iPhone 6 screen replacement service that will replace your cracked screen with a high-quality manufactured OEM replacement. Leave the iPhone 6 screen replacements to us!

iPhone 6 camera not working

The selfies cannot wait! You never know when the perfect picture MUST be taken. Let Battery World repair that broken iPhone 6 camera today!

Two cameras on the iPhone 6, the front and the back. If either go awry, Battery World can quickly fix it up and get you back on track for photo-snapping adventures. Popular issues with iPhone 6 cameras could be the flash, a laggy camera app, frozen, cracked camera lens, or terrible damage. But don’t fear! Battery World has repaired 100’s of camera’s in iPhones. Whether its software related or physical damage, we use the best practice and parts to make that iPhone’s camera work like new again!

iPhone 6 fell in water

Wondering if your iPhone 6 will ever work again if it fell in water?  This is a tricky situation, but please turn off the phone! Please see us in person and let us diagnose the problem.  Water that’s seeps into the phone can cause permanent damage. It’s common to witness a corrosion and cause short circuits within essential hardware.

No sound from iPhone 6 speaker

First thing’s first, make sure the phone isn’t on the “silent’ mode” by switching the button. Then, make sure the device is not connected to a Bluetooth accessory somewhere. Finally make sure your iPhone’s volume is not set all the way down. Still having issues sound issues. Bring that phone in and we will be happy to give you free diagnostics and a speedy repair.

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