48V Golf Cart Battery to Replace them All

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Before you get started we wanted to give you a heads up that your battery is shipped to you discharged and will need to be charged before use. It is ok to test immediately but with any prolonged use the battery will eventually go to sleep mode until charged. For more details see LED and auditory light codes below.


Three Fast Green Blinks - Charging complete, pack is ready to go

Two Green Blinks - Pack is healthy and ready to use, and will charge if connected

One Green Blink - Pack can be discharged, but the onboard Battery Management System is working on resolving an issue before it can charge


  • One Second Tone - Charge is complete 
  • Short single tone every 10 seconds - Pack is getting very low, charge soon 
  • Short single tone every 1 second - Pack is getting critically low, pack will shut down at any moment 
  • 5 Second Tone - Pack has reached critically voltage and will not discharge until it has been charged to safe voltage


UNO Charging: 
1. Overview
UNO series smart battery charger can be used only while the vehicle is parked and turned off. Onboard
solar and like charging systems must be disconnected while charging, Power supply spec of 10A or 16A
AC must be used. For safe operation one must satisfy the requirements for temperature resistance and
anti vibration .
2. Functions
1) Up to 95% efficient
2) Robust battery protection
3) Wide working temperature range
4) Extended life cycle durability
5) Automotive vibration tolerance

Protection features

1) Output over voltage protection
2) Output over current protection
3) Output short-circuit protection
4) Output polarity protection
5) Charger over temperature protection
6) Battery over temperature protection
Installation attention items

1) Charger has smart temperature regulation
2) Ensure charger air ventilation area is not blocked. Blocking charger fan and cooling area may cause
charger to overheat.
3) Keep charger clean from excess dust and Debra as to not influence its ability to dissipate heat.
4) Charger position should be out of direct contact with water.
5) Consult your local electrician or power company for any questions regarding your supply voltage and
current capabilities.
6) For safety the charger power cord is to be used with a grounded outlet.
7) If an extension cord is used make sure that it meets charger supply specifications
8) Makes sure connection to battery is capable of charger output
9) Charger should be mounted vertically on a flat surface with 10cm of space around all sides to ensure
proper cooling
10) If battery is damaged do not charge and disconnect charger immediately
11) Do not dismantle or disassemble charger. This may result in a dangerous electric shock
12) Avoid damaging wiring. If wires are damaged in any way stop using charger
Indicator States

1) Red indicator flashes every second - Battery is < 80%
2) Yellow indicator flashes every second - Battery is > 80%
3) Green indicator flashes every second - Battery is 100%
4) Green indicator is solid on - Battery is fully charged

Fault Indication

1) Red indicator flashes every three seconds - Battery is abnormal, Disconnect
2) Yellow indicator flashes every three seconds - Power input is abnormal, Disconnect
3) Green indicator flashes every three seconds - Charger is abnormal

Common Faults and Solutions

1. Input power is abnormal - Check input line and outlet to make sure it meets charger spec.
2. Abnormal chargers - Charger may have overheated. Unplug and access installation
3. Battery abnormal - Battery short, Battery V to low
Working Environment and Input Characteristics

Working Temperature -40C - +60C
Storage Temperature -40C - +90C
Relative Humidity 5% - 95%
Heat Dissipation Method Forced Air
Input Voltage AC 90V - 264V ±20%
Input Frequency 45Hz-65Hz

  • Can the batteries be used in series also? And how many can you put in parallel?

    Uno Batteries are not designed to be hooked up in series. You can put as many as you want in parallel.

  • Do you have to bypass the OBC on a 2012 CC Precedent?

    If you are replacing the battery only you will not need to bypass the OBC. 
    If you plan on replacing the charger with an aftermarket charger you would need to bypass the OBC if your cart has one.

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