iPhone 7 Plus Repairs

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iPhone 7 Plus Repair

Welcome to the iPhone 7 Plus, the next “plus” in Apple’s arsenal. The iPhone 7 Plus is a larger mobile phone with great graphics and originally a longer battery life. However, like all iPhones, the 7 Plus is vulnerable to drops and damage. Common problems are older iPhone 7 Plus batteries that just make the phone die quicker. More common problems are cracked iPhone screens, and charging port damage. Regardless of your iPhone 7 Plus issue, Battery World has the Mobile Technicians ready to help you today! After a quick diagnosis, Battery World repair tech’s will determine the problems your iPhone 7 Plus may have and you’ll receive an instant quote.

iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage

The iPhone 7 Plus is created to be water resistant but due to time, wear and tear may have the better of your mobile device and it’s not able to resist water so well. If your iPhone 7 Plus is suffering from water damage, let us look at it before the damage becomes worse. When water, especially salt water, is left in the hardware of an iPhone, irreparable corrosion can begin to form.

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

The most common repair for the iPhone 7 Plus is an LCD or glass screen replacement. Next on the popular list are charger port repairs, and battery replacements. While these are are most common, Battery World can tackle your iPhone 7 Plus problem no matter how big or small.

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