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iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus Repair

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iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus Repair

Meet the first of the plus series for iPhone. iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus screen replacements are still popular repairs by Battery World. Typical 6 Plus screen replacements are completed within the hour. Best part is the 6 Plus is still a worthy mobile phone used by many.

Common problems are old batteries, malfunctioning speakers, and screens that just do not touch correctly.  Battery World can fix up that 6 Plus and make it touch again quickly, and add a new battery for half the price!

iPhone 6s Plus Water Damage

Wondering if your iPhone 6 and 6s Plus will ever work again if it fell in water?  This is a tricky situation, but please turn off the phone! Please see us in person and let us diagnose the problem.  Water that seeps into the phone can cause permanent damage. It’s common to witness a corrosion and cause short circuits within essential hardware.

iPhone 6s Plus Screen Replacement

It hurts a lot to see that beloved phone fall to the ground. Apple didn’t make the iPhone 6 Plus durable enough to survive all of our accidents. Many times, once a phone hits the ground, damage can occur to the LCD or front glass. The iPhone 6 cracked screen should only be a mild nuisance. It’s a quick repair, with little headache.  Battery World’s technicians provide iPhone 6 Plus screen replacement service that will replace your cracked screen with a high-quality manufactured OEM replacement. Leave the iPhone 6(s) plus screen replacements to us!

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