Rechargeable AA Batteries NiMh 4 Pack 2400mAh
Rechargeable AA Batteries NiMh 4 Pack 2400mAh

Rechargeable AA Batteries NiMh 4 Pack 2400mAh

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Westinghouse AA Ni-Mh 2400mah Rechargeable Battery 4pk LONGER LASTING Westinghouse Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery provides...
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Westinghouse AA Ni-Mh 2400mah Rechargeable Battery 4pk LONGER LASTING

Westinghouse Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery provides high quality green energy with excellent performance. The Westinghouse Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery is the ideal choice of ready to use rechargeable batteries.

The Westinghouse Lithium-iron phosphate batteries are specially designed and tested to provide the best possible performance for outdoor solar-powered lighting. The battery offers a long lifespan and its’ wide temperature range provides outstanding performance. A trusted brand, Westinghouse provides a wide array of batteries you can count on, including super heavy duty, alkaline, lithium button cell, hearing aid and rechargeable batteries

  • IDEAL FOR SOLAR-POWERED LIGHTING – Great source of efficient and sustainable energy for solar-powered lighting
  • MEETS SAFETY TESTS - Passed fire and explosion safety tests
  • RECHARGE UP TO 2000 TIMES - This makes it extremely economical and environmentally friendly
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE - The Lithium-iron phosphate rechargeable batteries can be used at extreme temperature from 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to +60°C) for incredible reliability
  • INDIVIDUAL BATTERY CASE - Every pack includes a battery case to protect batteries from potential damage
  • OVER 130 YEARS OF ELECTRIC INNOVATION - Westinghouse electric innovation is packed into every lithium-iron phosphate battery
  • premium power, good for all applications
  • pre-charged and ready to use 
  • holds charge up to 5 years 
  • recharge up to 2000 times
Uses: game controllers, cameras, remote control cars, computer mouses, electronic shavers, etc. 



  • Q: What is mAh?
  • A: mAh stands for milliampere hour and indicates the battery's capacity. The higher the mAh, the more charging of devices you can do before you need to recharge the battery.
  • Q: What is Cycle Life?
  • A: Cycle Life is the number of times you can recharge the battery before it will no longer perform.
  • Q: Are Westinghouse NiMH batteries available in all sizes?
  • A: Westinghouse Recharge Batteries are available in AA, AAA, C, D, & 9V sizes.
  • Q: Why shouldn’t you mix old batteries with new ones?
  • A: The performance of a battery-operated product is limited by the weakest of all the batteries in the device. One old or weak battery can cause poor product performance, even if all the others are new or fully charged.
  • Q: Can Westinghouse Rechargeable Batteries be used in any device that takes alkaline batteries?
  • A: Yes, you can use the comparable NiMH battery size in any device that uses alkaline batteries. For example, if you typically use AA alkaline batteries, you can also use AA NiMH.
  • Q: Do Westinghouse Rechargeable Batteries need to be charged right out of the package before using?
  • A: No. Thanks to their low self-discharge rate, Westinghouse Rechargeable Batteries are ready to use right out of the packaging. They retain approximately 80% of their charge for up to 2 years in proper storage conditions.
  • Q: My batteries get warm during charging. Is this okay?
  • A: Yes. The batteries will get warm during charging but will cool quickly after recharging. This is a normal occurrence and no cause for concern.
  • Q: Do Westinghouse Rechargeable Batteries need to be charged in a special charger?
  • A: No, Westinghouse Rechargeable Batteries will charge in any charger that can charge Ni-MH batteries, even a charger that you already own. However, we recommend using a Westinghouse charger since we can’t guarantee the quality or performance of other brands.
  • Q: Do Westinghouse Rechargeable Batteries need to be fully drained before recharging because they have "memory"?
  • A: No. There are absolutely no memory problems with Westinghouse Rechargeable Batteries. They can be recharged after a few hours of use or when convenient, with no effect on performance or battery life.
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