Rayovac Fusion AA 6pk

Rayovac Fusion AA 6pk

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Rayovac Fusion AA 6pk

Let the good times last with Rayovac Fusion Premium AAA Batteries. The most powerful alkaline battery from the #1 value brand in the world, Rayovac Fusion delivers maximum performance to high drain devices. These advanced alkaline triple A batteries are engineered with a Universal Power system to provide optimal performance in a wide variety of devices. Use these high performance Rayovac batteries in the most power-hungry devices, including your wireless microphone, video game controller and high-powered toys. An Enriched Core provides a longer battery life to keep your devices running—and increases dependability to last up to 12 years in storage. The patent pending Micro-Separator provides more room for active ingredients while its synthetic design increases reliability. With all that energy inside, these advanced Rayovac AAA batteries are ready to power the devices you use each day.

Rayovac Fusion AAA Batteries (6 Pack), Triple A Alkaline Batteries

6 pack of Rayovac Fusion AAA Alkaline Batteries for your high drain devices

The most powerful alkaline AAA batteries from Rayovac you can trust to keep your everyday devices going

Ideal for today's most power hungry devices, including high-powered toys, video game controllers, wireless headsets and remote-control aircraft

12 Year Power Guarantee in Storage makes this battery pack a great choice for backup batteries

Designed to prevent damaging battery leaks and tested twice prior to shipment to ensure quality

Rayovac provides Duracell Optimum power at a better price - in most devices based on ANSI runtime

Trust in the most powerful triple A battery from Rayovac for the devices you depend on every day

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