Laptop Ac Adaptor-3-90Watt

Laptop Ac Adaptor-3-90Watt

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LAPTOP AC ADAPTOR-3-90WATTFits / Compatible with Models: Advent: 3480DVD, 540DVD, 5480DVD, 6410, 7016 Ams Tech: Rodeo 3000, Rodeo 3500, Travelpro 100, Travelpro 12CT, Travelpro 1950, Travelpro 1965, Travelpro 2000, TravelPro 2500, Travelpro 6000 Arm: Green 735 Ashton Digital: MaxiNote 400, MaxiNote 420 AST: Ascentia 800N, Ascentia 810N, Ascentia 910N, Ascentia 925N, Ascentia 950N, Ascentia P Canon: InnovaBook 200LS Chem USA: Chembook 5400, Chembook 9750, Chembook 9780, Chembook 9950 Chicony: 978, 979, 989, MP968A, MP975 Commax: SmartBook V-Star, SmartBook V-Star Plus Compal: CY20, CY23, CY25, N30N3 Compaq: 213563-001, 217931-001, Armada 4000, Armada 4100, Armada 4200, Armada 4300, Concerto, Contura 3/20, Contura 3/20, Contura 3/25, Contura 4/20, Contura 4/25, LTE 5000, LTE 5100, LTE 5150, LTE 5200, LTE 5250, LTE 5280, LTE 5300, LTE 5380, LTE 5400 Dell: FSP030-DQDA1, Latitude 433, Latitude 450, Latitude 475, Latitude LX, Latitude LX4100, Vostro A90 DFI: NB6620 Eps Technologies: Apex ES120, Apex ES133, Apex XL, Ara Fosa: 340S2 Fujitsu: Amilo M6300, Amilo M6800, Amilo M7300, Amilo M7800, Amilo M8300, Amilo M8800 Gericom (FIC): FIC A20, FIC A30, FIC A40, FIC A42, FIC A420, FIC A430, FIC A44, FIC A440, FIC A45, FIC A56, FIC A57, FIC A58, Gigibook 933, HydroSpeed 2000 IBM: ThinkPad 310 IPC: Magic Note F Itronix: GoBook Keydata: KeyNote 968, KeyNote GT, KeyNote P75 Magitronic: 631 Medion: MD9326 Micron (MPC): Transport Trek, Transport VLX-e, Transport XKE Mitac: 6020 NEC: 158-057421-000, LaVie C Model LC500J/34DR, LaVie NX Model LW36H/12C6, LC50H/33DR, LC50H/34CA1, LC50H/34DA1, LC50H/34DB1, LC600J/34DA, LC600J/34DR, LC700J/34DL, LW36H/12D6, LW40H/13C6, LW40H/13D6, LW40H/14CW, LW40H/14DW, LW43H/14CA, LW43H/14DA, LW43H/22C6, LW43H/22D6, LW43H/23C6, LW43H/23D6, LW450J/13CA, LW450J/13DA, LW450J/14CV, LW450J/14DV, LW450J/24CA, LW450J/24DA, LW450J/24DW, LW450J/24EA, LW45H/23DR, LW45H/24DR, LW46H/14CA, LW46H/14DA, LW500J/24CA, LW500J/24DA, LW500J/24DR, VA10H/DX/G, VA10J/DF/D, VA10J/WX/D, VA11J/DF/D, VA40H/WS, VA40H/WT, VA40H/WX, VA43H/WS, VA45H/WS, VA45J/WS, VA45J/WX, VA46H/WT, VA46H/WX, VA50H/WX/9, VA50J/WS, VA50J/WT, VA50J/WX, VA55H/WS, VA55H/WT, VA60H/WX, VA60J/WS, VA60J/WX, VA65H/WS, VA65H/WT, VA70J/WS, VA70J/WX, VA75H/WT, VA75H/WX, VA80J/WX, VA90J/WX, Versa 5000, Versa 5060, Versa 5060X, Versa 5080, Versa 5080X, Versa Aptitude, Versa Pro D Model VA10H/DF/G, Versa Pro NX Model VA50H/WT/9, Versa Pro W Model VA10J/WX/C, Versa VX, Versa Vxi Packard Bell: EasyNote 1700, EasyNote 3700, EasyNote 3750, EasyNote VX Phillips: F76000 Sager: 5200 Samsung: Sens 10, Sens 8 Sceptre Tech.: SoundX 6600, SoundX 6900, SoundX S5500, SoundX S6600, SoundX S6900, SoundX S8400, TS- TS30W Seanix: SeaNote 2700T, SeaNote CY23, SeaNote D220, SeaNote M22ES Toshiba: PA2417U, Satellite T1900, Satellite T1900/CS, Satellite T1950, Satellite T2400, Satellite T4500, Satellite T4600, Satellite T4700, Satellite T4800, Satellite T4850, Satellite T4900 Twinhead: SlimNote 100, SlimNote 5100, SlimNote 550S, SlimNote 575, SlimNote 600D, SlimNote 6100, SlimNote 875, SlimNote 890, SlimNote 9100


PPU Quantity of Units

1 Each

Recommended Use

Laptop Charger



Product Name



Empire Scientific



Units Per Consumer Unit


Price Per Unit UOM


Manufacturer Part Number


Multipack Quantity





Empire Scientific

Assembled Product Weight

1.24 Pounds

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

10.00 x 6.00 x 3.00 Inches

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