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Need an 18650 Battery?

  • What is an 18650 Battery?

    An 18650 is a lithium ion rechargeable battery, a whole lot of power in a tiny cell. Correctly called “18650 cell” the 18650 cell has voltage of 3.7v and has between 1800mAh and 3500mAh.. 18650s may have a voltage range between 2.5 volts and 4.2 volts, or a charging voltage of 4.2 volts, but the nominal voltage of a standard 18650 is 3.7 volts. There are two types; protected and unprotected. We recommend protected cell 18650 batteries. Protected cells include a protection circuit that stops the cell from being overcharged. Unprotected cells can be overcharged and burst or potentially cause a fire unless there are specific electronics to protect the battery. Most of the cheaper 18650 batteries such as the Samsung 25r are UNPROTECTED batteries, only use them in a device designed to use unprotected 18650s. We also recommend you stick with high quality brand name 18650s such as Nitecore and Ultralast. Knock offs may lie about high mAh. The average 18650 battery charge time is about 4 hours. Charge time can vary with amperage and voltage of the charger and the battery type. 
  • 18650 Battery Size... Wait there's More than one Size??

    Believe it or not, 18mm by 65mm is only a misnomer. Various Battery sizes are made up with the name 18650. For example, some are 1170 cubic mm, the 14500 and AA are 700 cubic mm, the AAA is 467 cubic mm. Note the 14500's cannot be used in all AA devices unless they support both 3.7 and 1.5 volt batteries. The 21700 at 1550 cubic mm, is larger than the 18650 battery – the 21700 and 18650 is not interchangeable
  • How many times can you recharge an 18650 or other battery?

    First of all, many times! Recharge cycles vary and are limited. Think of it like a bucket. The trick is that the bucket also gets filled with other junk over time, so there is less room. As the battery is reused (recharged), the battery degrades due to oxidation and electro-chemical degradation. This happens to any rechargeable battery such as an 18650, 21700, 26650, 14500, AA, AAA or even a car battery. They can only be recharged a limited number of times. You want to select rechargeable batteries that can be recharged many times. We specifically recommend 18650's because they have the ability to be recharged 300 to as many as 2000 times.
  • What are 18650 batteries used for?

    Flashlights, electronics, laptops, vaping and even some electric vehicles use 18650s. Yep, good ole EV's are comprised of a bunch of Lithium Batteries! The Tesla uses 7180 of these batteries. Many high lumen flashlights such as the Thrunite TN14 or Fenix PD35 use the 18650 or the even larger 21700. Laptops and other electronic devices use one or more 18650’s and have recharging electronics built in. 18650's are also used in vaping (smoking) devices. 18650s are are generally Lithium Ion batteries. If you are familiar with electronics you can change out some battery packs manually, but be careful – using the wrong type of 18650 or using it incorrectly can cause a fire.


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Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery
Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery
Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery
Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery
Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery
Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery
Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery
Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery
Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery
Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery

Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 Battery

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Hohm Tech Life V4 18650 3015mAh 22.1A Battery



The ‘GO’ All Day Battery!
  • Designed to feed power-hungry devices without having to swap batteries every other minute
  • Mn and Mn inert replaced by additional 2.5% Cobalt (Co) & Nickel (Ni) proprietary levels
  • Exceeds all previous designs and chemistry results with greater amperage and capacity
  • Cathode Tag made from UH Purity Aluminum: Ultra-High Purity (UHP)
  • Updated Poly Seal: Enhances security of seal & proper operation
  • NEW Mn bonding process that achieves greater purity: Cycle Life is increased to 75% nominal average of original capacity
  • NEW NiCo Meld over 10kHz: process increases charging rate to 4.43A from previous 4A


Manufacturer Hohm Tech
Model Hohm Life
Size 18650
Positive Terminal
Flat Top
Nominal Capacity 3015mAh
Continuous Discharge Rating (max) 22.1A
Nominal Voltage 3.65V
Maximum Voltage 4.2V
Discharge cut-off Voltage 1.95V
Protected No
Rechargeable Yes
Approx. Dimensions 18.4mm x 65.5mm
Approx. Weight 49.6g
Country of Origin China or Hong Kong
Associated Names HTL18650, Life V4
Data Specification Sheet Hohm Tech Life Datasheet

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