Camelion Zinc Air 675 Hearing Aid Batteries

Camelion Hearing Aid Batteries A675-BP6 6pk

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Camelion Hearing Aid A675-BP6 6pk

Camelion Zinc Air 675 Hearing Aid Batteries will provide fewer battery replacements and longer run time per use. This battery is not activated until the seal is removed, this allows longer shelf life and will ensures your battery will have 100% before use.
  • 675 Battery
  • Hearing Aid Battery
  • BP6 Batteries
  • Model: A675
  • Size: 675
  • Voltage: 1.4
  • Height: 5.44mm
  • Diameter: 11.6mm
  • Chemistry: Zinc Air
  • Manufactured by Camelion Battery

Cross Reference: L675ZA, 675A, 675AE, B6754, B900PA, DA675H, DA675N, 675HP, AC675E, AC675EZ, AC675, ME9Z, P675, 312SA, S675A, W675ZA

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