Aduro UV Sanitizing Disinfecting Wand

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Our portable and compact design makes it easy to carry around in any pocket purse or bag when going out. Take it with you wherever you go and make sanitation a breeze! Introducing an innovative new level of protection combined with modern design. Our UV wand has a 99.9% sterilization rate from pathogens that your eyes can't see. Works across any surface – Use it on your phone desktop keys wallet or watches. Recommended usage is 5 - 20 seconds for optimum results.


  • UV light works because it damages the DNA of bacteria and the DNA or RNA of viruses. If you damage the DNA of the bacteria it dies and if you damage the nucleic acid of the virus enough it cannot infect.
  • The Aduro U-Clean Sanitizing Wand essentially works by using special bulbs that can emit the proper amount of UV-C light needed to kill bacteria on smooth surfaces.


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